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Every year, as a church, we set aside a Sunday to bring clarity and connection to what we believe God is calling us to ‘theme’ the year ahead.

Let me explain. In the bible vision is a big deal. In fact in the book of Proverbs the writer tells us, “for lack of vision my people perish.”  Perhaps a better translation of the word “perish”, would be ‘to run wild in the wrong direction’, which ultimately leads to destruction (or perishing). I think you get it!

Vision Sunday

So when it comes to vision (knowing where we’re going) it’s important to understand the power of alignment, and the down-side if there be a ‘lack there-of’.

As a church we are passionate about being compellingly clear on the direction and future God has called us to, because we believe that it produces great purpose and power in our daily lives and places of influence.

Back to Vision Sunday.

So as I said, every year we ‘frame’ the year (some would say ‘theme it’) with a ‘God thought’ or a ‘God word’ that we believe is God’s heart for us as a local church community.

A good friend explained it this way, “It’s like software update that God knows I need to produce more fruit in my life.” I think I like that.

This year our theme is ‘Into Faith I GO’ (Taken from a song written by Pat Barrett).

The big idea is that God is inviting us to TRUST HIM with all of our lives. As the song so beautifully says, “to the ups and downs, the highs and lows…” and everything in between.

If I had to summarise this theme another way, I would call it honest Faith. I really do believe there is something so beautiful and attractive about honest faith.

“What is honest faith?” Great question, glad you asked.

I believe honest faith is being willing trust Gods heart, even when you can’t trace His hand.

Honest faith is saying ‘YES’ to the adventure of faith in Christ, without having everything in your life all ‘worked out’.

Honest faith, as I describe it in the message from Sunday, is to:

  1. Surrender to the stirrings (promptings of God in our hearts)
  2. Walk on, whatever may come (see it through)
  3. Grow in Grace (The joy is in the journey)

And so, while we continue to dream of building life-giving churches that shape culture and influence nations, we also ‘lean into trust again’ and all of the (sometime messy) details in between. We’re up for all of it, and we wholeheartedly believe God is in ALL OF IT.

And so, as Pat Barrett so honestly described it in the song story: Here’s a simple ‘TOAST TO TRUST’

If you missed the message and would like to watch this message online, you can click HERE.


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