FLIPPING FEAR: Find a way to win

FLIPPING FEAR: Find a way to win

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In a world where fear is a firm reality and an unceasing battle, the Gospel offers us a way to win with a life, not void of fear, but beyond it. This is the promise we have in Jesus today. Whatever the circumstance, fear or doubt you may find yourself in today, know this: perfect love has found a way to win for you; casting out all fear. (1 John 4:18)

In Acts 12, Peter sleeps in a prison cell restrained by chains, guards and the impossibility of freedom. It’s within the context of this impossibility that the story turns around in a moment. We’re told that a light shines in on his cell alongside an angel and he is set free. In this moment of freedom Peter is instructed to: get ready, get up and get free. (Acts 12:6-11).

Get ready:

The God of the impossible transcends the most hopeless circumstances with our  relationships, children, finances and failure (Luke 1:37) His light is always the precursor to our freedom. For every fear you may face, there is a roar of Heaven declaring your freedom. When fear tells you that you’re not enough, God tells you that He is. When darkness stood to hold us captive; Jesus lay himself down to set us free.

Get up:

Faith changes the perspective of fear. In faith, freedom isn’t so much our physical position, but our internal revelation. That’s why the apostle Paul could still preach freedom from a prison cell; true freedom is our internal state in Jesus.

Get free:

We don’t need big faith to walk though fear and find freedom. All we need is a little faith in the bigness of God. Faith the size of the mustard seed can move mountains. This faith is yours: bring your fears to the Father and get free.


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