David – week 4: Something Special

David – week 4: Something Special

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‘“Don’t be frightened,” said David. “I’d like to do something special for you in memory of your father Jonathan.”’

As we follow on the story of David, 2 Samuel tells us of how David, the present King of Israel, wishes to honor the covenant he made with Saul’s son, Jonathan. In his pursuit, he finds the last living descendant of Jonathan, his son Mephibosheth, and extravagantly gifts him with an amazing inheritance and a seat at his royal table.

Just as David would seek out Mephibosheth to gift him with riches he could never earn, so is the story of our Father’s heart towards us. This is the scandal of grace. Love chose us from the start and gave us an undeserving seat at the Kings table.  The gospel of grace is proclaimed from every page of his Word, expressed in the promises of God and, ultimately, revealed in Jesus. The Bible calls this grace ‘Something Special’; an expression of God’s loyal love that never tires in its relentless pursuit after us. A love that came to find us first.

The gospel isn’t about us trying to get to Heaven – it’s about how Heaven came down to us. He doesn’t just find us – he fetches us. (Luke 19:10) His grace is so much greater than anything that stands to disqualify us from it. At the beginning of time God saw us in all our flawed brokenness; he saw every mistake we were yet to make, He saw that we may never love him back, and He still chose us. It’s in our own weakness and imperfection that we see the perfect grace of God; where we’re reminded that even on our best days, we need him as much as we do on our worst. It’s his perfect grace that seeks you where you’re at, and brings you into his presence; and it’s in the place of his presence where we find every victory. Grace, as our inheritance, is not something we work for, but something we walk into.

The cross wasn’t only purposed to save us from something – but for something. For a seat at his table, a life walking in his grace, living in relationship with him. He longs to meet with you; to bring you into the fullness of who he is and to lavish upon you all the riches of his grace. Would you receive it?


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