Sisterhood- it is who we are.

Sisterhood- it is who we are.

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“We are part of a global awakening of God’s daughters on the earth, but as much as it is collective, it is also personal. The I AM SISTERHOOD statement carries a sense of personal revelation and ownership. I believe God has invested gift, talent, measure and capacity within you—and as we all roll up our sleeves and decide that we are here for such a time as this, we will see astounding miracles take place in our own families, neighbourhoods, churches, community and world.”

– Bobbie Houston

Sisterhood is so much more than just a gathering – it is who we are. An invitation to you, the women of this world. The change-makers, future-shapers and vision carriers. Tomorrow’s leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and influencers. The ultimate heart of Sisterhood is to place value upon womanhood. To see a company of women passionately pursuing the Father’s heart and the promises He has for His daughters. For me, Sisterhood is that beautiful place where we are reminded of all that we are as women and the power of the feminine heart. Where we are refreshed in the revelation of His love – and refuelled in the call of God within us. It is really a moment to pause in His presence.

Did you know that as women we have been set apart – divinely appointed for such a time as this. The world needs women who know their value before they are told. Women who are so strong they can be gentle, so refined they can be humble and so fierce they can be compassionate. The world needs women with hearts on fire. As we gather, our hope and confidence is that your heart will be filled with the overwhelming love and grace of a Father in Heaven who calls you ‘Beloved Daughter’ before anything else. A Father that has a future for you wilder than any dream you could ever dream, a God who pursues your heart, every day, as relentless as the first. A love that chooses you at your worst and brings you to your best. 

Who you are as woman is nothing short of a miracle. Embrace it; unapologetically, astoundingly, passionately. Inspire others to do so. You are woman – beautiful in your imperfections, your ways and endless possibilities. There’s power in generations of women rising – knowing their worth and reaffirming it in others. Let’s endeavour to be them. 

You are woman, phenomenally so. So, rise women, rise together. 

We are Sisterhood. 

Join us for Sisterhood next Thursday 24 May with special guest Ps Rachael Whittaker from Hillsong South Africa.

This event is free and child care is provided.


Ezulweni Drive, Salt Rock
KwaZulu Natal, 4391
South Africa