day 03/ Work-it Wednesday.

day 03/ Work-it Wednesday.

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As a church our heart (and mission) is to help people:
Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, Make a Difference.

In Matthew 6… Jesus continues to pray:  Give us today our daily bread.”

This is a powerful request. Jesus is giving us permission to ask God to bless and provide for us. Asking God for our ‘daily bread ‘ is also asking Him to bless us in the place of our work, where we find our purpose.

God promises to give us exactly what we need today, whether it be courage, perseverance, wisdom, faith or favour. He will provide everything that we need to become all who we need to be.


Let’s pray that we would discover purpose in our daily work and lives, and ask God for his favour and blessing upon the work of our hands.
Let’s pray for new ideas and opportunities. For wisdom, integrity and leadership.
Let’s pray for the pillars of our society. For God to bless and provide for those in the church, government, business, education, family, media and the arts.


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KwaZulu Natal, 4391
South Africa