day 01/ Miracle Monday.

day 01/ Miracle Monday.

560 315 LINC Church

As a church our heart (and mission) is to help people:
Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, Make a Difference.

In Matthew 6, Jesus shows us how we should pray –  Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,’

The miracle of prayer lies not primarily in what we ask for, but rather in who we pray to.

Our Father in heaven – lays the general foundation for prayer, in that we must first know God, before we can pray with confidence of being heard. The names of God are important, they describe His character. God had never been called ‘Father’ before and so Jesus’s opening line must have astonished his listeners. The idea of God as a Father is incredible, because if he is a Father, then He is good and always loving toward his children,God is a good Father and He wants to bless His children. So let ‘s ask for blessing. The ultimate blessing of knowing Him, and having a relationship with him.

As we start this week in prayer, this Miracle Monday, let’s remember that it all starts with Him. We have a Father who knows us, loves us, and His desire is for everyone to KNOW him.


Let’s pray for a greater revelation of who our Father is, and pray that many would come to know Him.


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