LINC KIDZ: Oh the places you’ll go

LINC KIDZ: Oh the places you’ll go

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Our Kidz Church believes wholeheartedly in coming alongside the vision of Linc church and bringing our kids on the journey unfolding in our ‘house”.  As far as possible we try to follow what is happening with main church and align ourselves with what is being taught and communicated each Sunday. In trying to find a way to translate “Leaving much for more” into a language that our kids would understand Ps Tes Jahnig suggested I read “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss.

I completely fell in love with this story.

Everything about the book spoke to the child inside of me. The rhymes, the adventure, the sense that there is more, the can-do spirit and of course the imagery. It immediately made me think of the Abraham story. The very idea that there is more for us and we have a choice. To leave what we can control and manufacture and move towards the much that God has for us.

God has promised that He has great places for us, its not so much a trip to Disney World (although that might be true to), but it’s a state of mind and heart.

“Oh the places you’ll go” is a series where we are speaking life over our Kidz and teaching them that they can:

Know God – its in knowing God that we know who we are and can trust what God has for us

Find freedom– Through Jesus we can find freedom here on earth. We can live free from the fear, anxiety, striving, insecurity that can keep us from going the places He has for us

Discover Purpose – God has given every one of us a special purpose, the adventure starts when we pursue what God is calling us to become and do.  

Make a difference – because the good news of the gospel is too good to keep to ourselves we can not help but go out and share this with all people. We share Jesus through serving and loving everyone we encounter.

Every week we will be using an excerpt from the book as well as a part of Abrahams story to help kids imagine and live out what their journey with God could look like. This journey has triumphs and fun, lurches and slumps and everything in between.

Sundays are going to be filled with Fun, Friendship and Jesus– the perfect combination for kids to grow and flourish.

As a parent you can partner with us in this adventure by speaking life over your  children, calling out the gold in them and by helping them make a difference. Why not buy a copy of the book and read it together once a week? Use the story and fun imagery to start conversations about the places they could go.

We believe that you and your children are “Off to great places! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way!”


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