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A new year is upon us. With it’s plans and schedules.  Endless opportunities and the beckoning of doing things with more intentionality and purpose. We personally love the fresh start a new year and feel motivated and stirred to embrace all it brings our way.

As a church we believe in taking a moment at the start of the year to name and declare what we feel and sense God is calling us into as a community. As a church family. This moment is not random and obligatory but rather significant and defining for all that we are and do as Linc Church. As a leadership team we spend time together and as individuals asking God for HIS HEART for Linc Church. We love how the Holy Spirit knits our hearts around a theme or idea and how this God breathed thought literally begins to shape our actions and language in a profound way.

This year 2018 we have framed with the idea “LEAVING MUCH FOR MORE”. The idea that there is a God in Heaven, a Father who has exceedingly and abundantly more for us. (Ephesians 3:20) History tells us and experience shows us that for us to experience His MORE we must leave the MUCH of our own manufactured hands. Just like Abram in the beginning of the Bible there is a beckoning to us, the church to leave what is familiar and comfortable. To leave the excess. To leave the infringement and entanglement of the world. And to move towards more. The promise of God that we are chosen people, blessed by God to be a blessing to this city and nation and beyond.


You’re invited to hear more and experience the God whisper for 2018 “LEAVING MUCH FOR MORE”.

VISION SUNDAY with Lead Pastor Dylan Jahnig

4 February 8:30 | 10:30 | 17:00


Much love

Ps Dyl and Tes Jahnig




Ezulweni Drive, Salt Rock
KwaZulu Natal, 4391
South Africa