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I first encountered Martin Smith in 2004 when I was a young student looking for music that would speak to my soul. I can remember playing the Hillsong/ Delirious collaboration on repeat. Songs like Majesty and I could sing of your love began shaping what I believed about God and What a friend I’ve found showed me the personal nature of this Jesus that I was slowly getting to know. Fast forward 10 or so years and there I was standing in front of this man as we had the privilege of learning from his extraordinary worshippers heart. I remember him telling us a story of a worship night in India where women from the lowest caste system, the rubbish dump prostitutes were brought on stage to sing with him. He related the picture of these women and children discarded here on earth dancing for joy and full of hope. He said this: “I had a glimpse of what heaven would be like” and from this moment I have been intrigued by his relentless pursuit of heaven here on earth and have followed his sacrificial and inspiring story online.

In 2015 a dream come true, he stepped onto our platform at Linc Church and  as sang over the city, I remember thinking that this would be a defining moment for Linc Church. A moment where heaven collided with earth. Where we would dance upon the injustice of this land. A moment for unity within the greater Durban church. A moment to basque in the truth of who God is. It was a highlight then and we know what was deposited into our lives that night has had lasting significance and value.

Fast forward 2 years and here we are again just 10 days away from welcoming Martin Smith to Linc Church once more. His voice and stature as well as his heart for the church is blessing the world and we are so privileged to be a part of this bigger story. A story of unity and hope on this planet.

“Unity transcends time, style, and numbers. When people hold hands across their own theologies, that unity can bring down the modern-day walls of Jericho” Martin Smith.

You can find out more information about Martin Smith by liking his page on FACEBOOK or following him on Instagram.

If you are intrigued or somewhat unsure I’d encourage you to pursue curiosity and come along for what I truly believe will be a moment to remember in Durban in 2017.

Martin Smith will be at Linc Church in Fox Hill on 8 November. The campus opens at 5pm where food and drinks will be available. Doors to the concert open at 6:30pm. 

Tickets at a cost of R120 per adult, R100 per student and R50 per child (2-12 yrs) are available on iTickets.



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