This is family. This is home.

This is family. This is home.

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We joined Linc towards the end of 2012. A geographical move meant that we had to say goodbye to one church family and bravely step out into the unknown as we joined another. Looking back, I realise how perfect God’s timing was. Although very sad to leave the comfort of what was familiar, our hearts were crying out this new adventure. We had grown uncomfortable in a comfortable place and we knew that God had plans to use us in ways we had not yet experienced.

Change is good and necessary, but it can still be scary. In many ways, we were starting from scratch in a new environment and I had moments of fear and insecurity.
Questions like ‘Would people like me?’ and ‘Do I have anything of value to offer?’ plagued my thoughts.
As with most change some days were easy and others were hard. But we just kept showing up. We were welcomed with open arms, and people accepted us just the way we were. We were embraced, loved and we felt part of a family. This is what church is, right? A family! It really is the people that make the place. A bunch of people doing life together who love Jesus and desire to make HIS name famous. We’re not perfect, we’re family.

And so, before we bought into any worship style, vision statement or preaching methods, we connected with the people and saw their hearts firsthand. We started to understand the WHY behind what the leadership were building and it was not long before we were IN – heart and soul! This was our new home and we were going to do whatever we could to make others feel at home too. We were prepared to help out wherever there was a need. We arrived early and left late. We set up chairs, swept floors, cleaned out gutters when it was pouring with rain and held the blinds in place during massive winds. (The last two were Grant, not me (insert laugh)) There were also beautiful moments of just hanging around after a particularly big Sunday where we got to soak up and appreciate all that God was doing. Together, we dug some ditches and we have seen God’s open heaven come pouring down on us, both corporately and personally.

Linc has truly became our home because we treated it like our home. Every week we welcomed people in and we did everything we could to make them feel comfortable. We showed them around, we offered them a coffee and we took a genuine interest in their stories. We took ownership of this family and believed that we had a role to play. There have been some sacrifices along the way, but the rewards are FAR greater.

We have invested MUCH of ourselves into the story of Linc. Our time , talents and treasure. God has used us and He wants to use you too! All you need is to be willing and available.

“ For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

Candice Slevin


Ezulweni Drive, Salt Rock
KwaZulu Natal, 4391
South Africa